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Social Skills with Club Connect!

For children on the Autism Spectrum, or children with emotional or behavioral needs, learning how to be successful in social situations can prove to be a difficult process. Social skills include things like problem solving, handling unexpected challenges, gaining self-control and processing frustrations. Yet for children with behavioral needs, these skills may not develop as quickly as their peers. This is where social skills groups can help!

Club Connect is a social skills club for exceptional children in grades 3 through 5 who want to build friendships and have positive social experiences. Club Connect meetups provides your child with the opportunity to have meaningful social interactions with their peers while learning new social skills in an environment that is safe, welcoming and fun. Children who attend Club Connect may have outgrown traditional social skills therapies geared towards younger children, yet they still need a bit of support and direction in social settings. The club is a great fit for children who have social anxiety and/or learning differences, and for children who have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD or Autism Spectrum Disorder. A diagnosis is not required to attend Club Connect.

Research indicates that regardless of a child’s diagnosis, social skills can be extremely effective in increasing a child’s ability to be successful in peer situations. These groups help reduce a child’s experience of school failure or peer rejection, and also reduce aggressiveness or isolation that often develops because of problems relating to others - Riley Children's Health

The goal of Club Connect is to provide a supportive environment for children to learn social skills through participation in fun and engaging team building activities. We believe children are more open to learning when they feel safe and welcomed to a group, and most importantly, when they are having fun. Social skills curriculum is imbedded into club activities, so your child wont feel like they are in a therapeutic or clinical environment. We hope Club Connect leaves your child feeling as though they just hung out with a group of friends, and had a blast while doing it!

Specific focus is placed on making and maintaining friendships, practicing skills in a social setting and providing opportunities to work with others cooperatively. We also focus on improving your child's frustration tolerance and social cognition. The main goal is for your child to have fun!


Club Connect meets from 10am to 12pm every other Saturday. The cost to participate is $45 per Saturday, or $90 per month. If you are interested in your child joining Club Connect, please contact us directly at (901) 690-5213 or send us an email at We will follow up with an initial phone consultation to learn more about your child and will invite them to attend one Saturday at no cost to ensure Club Connect is the right fit for their current needs.

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